Camp Update: Week 1

This week was our first week with kids at camp.The weather has been a little chilly and we’ve already had lot’s of rain. I really hope that next week will be more like summer because now it feels more autumn days.

Because our gouvernment is having a hard time moneywise they are going to give our organisation less money to organise our campactivities with. Which means that this will be our 39th and also last summercamp because there is not enough money anymore.This obviously is rediculous because they will take away a fun week from all these 2400 kids.

So on wednesday we invited some important people and a lot of press to show them that this can’t be happening and that we need the money to stay. We hope that it worked but at least we made some newspapers, tv and radio.Let’s hope it will help.


Besides that big day we’ve had lot’s of fun activities and I really enjoyed all the smiling faces.
Good times! Let’s hope for some more sun!

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