6 Months Of Heaven And Hell

The Bump

Today I’m celebrating my 6-Months mark in my pregnancy. I can’t believe how fast time flies by! Only three more Months to go until we will finally meet our new best friend in life! Welcome to Hell.. The past few … Continue reading

Baby Adventures – This Itch Is A Bitch


How far along: 24 weeks Gender: A Little Mini me…a girl Weight gain: 2,7 KG Maternity clothes: Been wearing some maternity clothes, but not only maternity clothes, also my old clothes mostly still fit. Stretch marks: I do have some … Continue reading

Movie Review – The Wolf Of Wall Street

The Wolf Of Wall Street

Name: The Wolf Of Wall Street Year: 2013 Actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Margot Robbie, Matthew McConaughey Genre: Biography, Crime, Comedy Stars: 8 (out of 10) About the movie: This movie is a biography about the crazy life of Jordan … Continue reading

Home Sweet Home – We Are Ready!

amazing couch

After a crazy couple of Months with lot’s and lot’s of hours of working in and around our new home we were finally ready to share our crib with the world and have a housewarming party. We’ve had a great … Continue reading

Baby Adventures – It’s A Girl!

Our Yummy cupcakes with the pink coloring inside

Two days ago we finally had our 20-weeks ultrasound to check if our baby was healthy and growing the way he or she should…and we found out that everything was ok and working the way it should be…such a relief! … Continue reading

Baby Adventures – Boy Or Girl?


I honestly have NO idea if we’re going to be having a boy or a girl. It’s sooo exciting to be expecting your first child…but it’s also VERY exciting to find out if we are having a daughter or a … Continue reading

My Goals For 2013 – The Results


On Dec 8th of 2012 I’ve posted my “My Goals For 2013” post. Today I’m going to find out which of my goals I have succeeded. These were my goals: Here are my goals for the next year: Buy A … Continue reading

Baby Adventures – Mothers For Mothers

present from Mothers for Mothers

This is a special post for all the Dutch ladies who want to get pregnant or have just found out that they are. During the last few weeks I have been collecting my urine for the Dutch ‘Mothers For Mothers’ … Continue reading

Baby Adventures – So Much Love

Thank you so much

THANK YOU!! After we announced the big news to the world last week we received hundreds of sweet messages from friends, family and even from people we’ve never met before…so many messages on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, text messages and also … Continue reading

A New Life…We’re So Excited!

We're pregnant!

I’m sooo excited to finally announce the best news I’ve ever hoped for…I’m pregnant! Aaaahhhhh!! It’s still very surreal for me and I can’t believe it’s finally happening! I’m a little over 12 weeks pregnant now and I thought it … Continue reading

My Ultimate Road Trip Playlist


In a few days me and two friends are going on our road trip through the East Coast of the USA to follow our favorite band Backstreet Boys on their ‘In A World Like This’ tour. We’ll be following them … Continue reading

Enjoying The Simple Things In Life


If Tomorrow Never Comes People always complain about so many things like the weather, their weight, money and all kinds of different things…I admit that I sometimes find myself doing the exact same thing. It’s such a waste of precious … Continue reading

Song For Today – The Cinematic Orchestra & Patrick Watson – To Build A Home


I’ve heard this song last night while I was watching this dance movie ‘Step Up 4′ and I immediately wanted to know who was singing this song. The piano and the voice got to me right away which made the … Continue reading

Backstreet Cravin’ in London

me with BSB in 2013

A few weeks ago me and my friends found out that out favorite boys as in THE Backstreet Boys would come to London for a short stay to promote their new album In A World Like This. Together with 3 … Continue reading

Pinkpop Festival 2013 – Photo Review

I love Pinkpop

This weekend I went to one of my favorite festivals for the 10th time. I’ve had a blast and took some pics to share with you. Enjoy! Read my reviews for Festivalinfo.nl here (Dutch)

Beyoncé Live in Antwerp 31/05/13 – Photo & Video Review


Here’s a nice collection of photos and  videos I’ve made at last nights Beyoncé concert in Antwerp Belgium. She was amazing and I had the best time! Whenever you’ve got the chance to see her perform live…GO! Enjoy! Standing On … Continue reading

My Battle Update – Week 64


 I’m back, and I’m on a mission. My friends and I are going on a road trip in 12 weeks and I really want to feel confident and look better when I will be walking around in dresses in the … Continue reading

Home Sweet Home – Picture Update


Because many friends asked what our new home looks like now I’ve posted some pictures in this picture blog! We’re almost getting to the end of all of this working, painting, cleaning and all other hard work. It’s all worth … Continue reading